Please observe the following guidelines if you have signed up

to lead a 30 minute time slot for the Saudi Day of Prayer:


Prayer Topics


The purpose of this prayer effort is to encourage prayer, draw attention to the spiritual needs of Saudi Arabia, and intercede for the move of God in KSA.


1. Please DO NOT mention any Saudi Christians by name.

2. Please DO NOT mention the names of Christians living in Saudi Arabia.

3. Please pray Biblically. If possible, use an easy to understand English translation.

4. There are many important prayer topics listed with our PARTNERS.


Prayer Style


1. We recognize that there are many beautiful and godly styles of prayer in the body of Christ worldwide.

2. We would like the Saudi Global Day of Prayer to emphasize spoken prayer and worship.

3. We are not praying against or condemning government officials, but for them in obedience to I Timothy 2:1-3.


On Camera Participants


1. Please speak CLEARLY and SLOWLY. Others around the world will be listening and praying with you in unity. It will be difficult to agree if they cannot understand you.

2. Please dress MODESTLY. If you are on camera you are before a worldwide audience. We don’t want our lack of covering to be a distraction to others.

3. It may be helpful to write out your prayer in advance.